Victorian Era.

Once introduced into Europe, the Kentia Palm was immediately recognized as remarkable for its dramatic appearance and ability to readily flourish indoors. Strong survival rates meant greater numbers of seeds could be imported successfully. However, the Kentias were still very expensive to purchase and therefore exclusive.

The prohibitive cost factor resulted in Kentia Palms becoming famous house plants among the nobility and aristocracy of Europe. Royal residences and stately homes had the high ceilings where Kentias could be displayed in all their glory. The owners also had the budgets for securing them. Kentias could be found by the late 1800’s in parlors, ballrooms, reception areas and conservatories. Since Kentias lived in splendor for many years they were cost effective. Growers found them a popular, worthwhile and a well valued investments. They believed that Kentias defined the good fashion sense and wealth of the plants’ owners. Kentia Palms were admired throughout Europe’s aristocratic, upper class and well-to-do middle class families.

(Country Life Picture Library.)

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