Beautiful Kentias.

Prior to the “Quarantine” imposed by the Federal Horticultural Board in America in the early 1900’s there was a demand for beautiful single Kentia Palms like the ones in the pictures below. Wealthy Americans emulating rich Europeans wanted them in their mansions, and also high class interior designers wanted them for décor in fashionable hotels and restaurants. The big Kentias were imported from Belgium growers and came sleeved and packed and stored in the ship’s consignment area. Kentias such as the height and maturity of these, did not need any acclimation in grower’s greenhouses prior to sale and delivery to the customer.
As mentioned on many occasions I just love these mature single Kentia Palms. They just “make’ any setting!!

( from the book Seed to Elegance ).

#kentiapalms #kentiapalmbook #beautifulsinglekentiapalms


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