Why Kentia Palms are Expensive.

Almost all of the Kentia Palms that are sold in North America are field grown. Unlike Kentias grown in an enclosed environment in Europe, field grown Kentias take a long time to reach a height suitable for sale to the consumer. North American Kentia Palm growers will also endure the possibility of weather extremes like frosts, heatwaves and tropical storms from time to time that will affect their crop’s growing development. From the time small Kentia Palm seedlings are potted up, and grown until they reach a saleable height of five to six feet tall, the grower has had a substantial ongoing investment of time and money in his growing venture of almost six years, and even longer for larger size Kentias.
Prior to selling their Kentias to the public or chain stores, the grower acclimates the potted Kentia Palms in a fairly shaded area in his nursery, so that when a saleable product is placed in an indoor home setting, it will enjoy a similar growing environment as the nursery, and not be shocked by the location transfer.
Kentia Palm growers provide their product in a variety of sizes. There can be a single specimen Kentia that looks charming in its own container, but normally the growers group between four to six Kentias in a pot for resale. 
So when you see a nice potted Kentia Palm plant for sale, with four to six plants in the pot, and you think the selling price looks expensive, remember all the time, effort and finance it took for the grower to grow each individual Kentia Palm!

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