Kentia Palm Article from the Irish Times.

I like researching articles about Kentia Palms, and found this very interesting article from the Irish Times newspaper about Sam Smyth, owner of Urban Plant Life on Cork Street in Dublin.
Sam’s article singles out the handsome upright Kentia Palm as one of his favorite go-to indoor plants. 
He goes on to say that it isn’t easy being a house plant. Too often, it’s expected to have the endurance skills of a French Foreign legionnaire  along with a supernatural ability to tolerate extreme swings of temperature, famine, and under and over watering. And yet, when chosen with care and treated with just a little TLC these plants, especially the Kentia Palm, have the ability to transform our homes and offices in a world where many people now spend 90 percent of their time indoors.
Health aside, house plants make us happier by greening and personalizing our homes and work places, something that Sam Smyth can also vouch for. “During the economic crash, some employers cut back on office plants as a way of reducing overheads. What stuck us when it came to removing the plants from the offices how sad many of the employees were to see them going.”
He goes onto say have you ever heard, for example, of the phrase “personal breathing zone”? Its something akin to your personal body space, an area of roughly 6-8 cubic feet surrounding any individual. Place the right house plants within or close to that zone and, studies by NASA show, they make us healthier by growing fresh air, adding humidity, and filtering toxic gases, volatile chemicals, and other pollutants from the atmosphere – all important considerations in modern, often hermetically -sealed buildings.
So if you haven’t any plants in your home, or are not surrounded by some in your work place now is the time to get some! They are the perfect solution to creating a happy environment!

 Sam Smyth and his Kentias.
A Happy workplace with Kentias!

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