Kentia Palms and their Mystic.

It has been quite awhile since I’ve visited Norfolk Island or Lord Howe Island, two of my most favorite places in the world. However the many fond memories I have of those two Islands are always reinforced when I see beautiful Kentia Palms.
Looking at Kentias in present day home decor or old Victorian time settings remind me of the history associated with these majestic Palms. In the foliage world they have remained the number one indoor Palm for almost 150 years. Their history is directly linked to those two beautiful Islands in the South Pacific.
If you have a potted Kentia Palm in your home, and if it could talk it would tell you some fascinating stories about its development since its discovery in the 1800’s! I’m constantly gazing at my Kentia Palm in our home and relive its history in my mind.
I would definitely enjoy having a setting like this modern day picture with those four beautiful single potted Kentias.

#kentiapalms. #kentiapalmbook #bestindoorplant #seedtoelegance

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