Why use Kentia Palms in your residence.

Of all the members of the plant kingdom suitable for use as houseplants, none evokes a feeling of the tropics like a Kentia Palm. With its large, architectural leaves and strong outline, the Kentia Palm can help create an indoor Garden of Eden wherever you live.
Although quite expensive as houseplants go, Kentia Palms are worth every penny you pay!
The Kentia Palm is the hands-down champion indoor plant and has been for centuries.
During the Victorian Era, Kentia Palms were all the rage in England, the U.S., and other countries. No house was complete without one Kentia Palm in it.
Apartment and houses can be very inhospitable to most plants, but not the Kentia Palm. The Kentia Palm thrives in air-conditioned atmospheres. A well-placed Kentia Palm can make a small room seem larger and a large one more intimate, and is the perfect choice even for a novice plant lover in creating a relaxing tropical atmosphere in their place of residence. 
To the home consumer who is thinking of buying a Kentia Palm, the expensive price tag might seem a deterrent, but believe me the value you get with the ease of maintenance, longevity of the plant, and the elegance it creates in your home or apartment will convince you that you made a very wise investment in selecting a Kentia Palm for your home.

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